My name is Joy and I'm the proprietor of Sugar Blossoms... As a young child I enjoyed watching my mom whipped up some cakes and pies. She would ask me or my sisters to assist her sometimes as she add ingredients while baking. In January 2009, my mom made Sans Rival as the whole family was craving for it all the time. Sans Rival is a very popular dessert in the Philippines made out of layered meringue and buttercream topped with cashews. The Sans Rival became a hit and people would order from my mom and I. In 2010, we sold about 237 Sans Rival. Family and friends kept telling us to start the business. So Mommy and I (former business name) began our journey. However, due to time constraint from work and other personal paths everything was put on hold.


When I got married in 2013, my husband who is spoiled with desserts kept telling me to re-start the business. However, it wasn't just the Sans Rival and the baking that pushed me to go back to the business, but I found my real passion in cake decorating as well. So here I am today back in the kitchen and doing what I love. Thanks to my family for always bugging me to do this one more time. I hope my daughter will be inspired enough to continue in the future when she is all grown up.


The dessert is made from scratch and tailored to your individual sweet tooth. Personal attention and care is given to all our dessert, and be sure that we can compliment your special day with a dessert everyone will talk about. Quality and detail is made from the freshest ingredients. Creating delicious dessert to compliment your extraordinary day.

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 "Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart." -Psalm 37:4